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I love custom challenge coins, lapel pins, tee shirts and action figures, and there is one thread that stitches all these things together and that’s artwork. While I’m not always amused by doing artwork, I say with a smile, I think it’s super cool how everything that is created starts with a blueprint and that blueprint is art.

You may find it strange that a custom promotional product manufacturer sells action figures and toys in addition to custom coins, tee shirts, custom lapel pins and other custom products. Some of the action figures I will have available for sale in this store have been with me for quite some time. Therefore you may find items here that you will not find anywhere else.

Here in 2023 we started experiencing some technical issues and wanted to move our online shopping cart to it’s own domain and hosting platform. Our plan is to move everything or at least most things from our previous online store to this new one. This will be a work in progress that I hope to have completed by Labor Day weekend 2023.

Online orders for products we have in stock that are catalogued here can be purchased here. Custom orders can also be set up for purchase here or on Spartan Coins dot com.

You can and should expect the same great service from our online retail store as those of you who purchase our custom products. All products listed in this store are brand new, sealed in their original packaging and will be shipped to you via United States Postal Service Priority Mail within 48 business hours of your purchase, under normal circumstances.

You will be notified if we cannot meet the aforementioned timeframe. If you have questions you can email us directly – or visit our contact us page prior to purchasing. Please note that in the event no shipping is billed within your retail purchase then you will be asked to pay shipping charges unless an item is marked as free shipping within the product description.

We look forward to doing business with you today or in the future.

All the best,
Rob Blackburn